Saturday, June 02, 2012

WIP: Paula Vaughan's "Thoughts of Spring"

Normally, when I have a project that is a gift for someone, I won't post pictures of it. Since the giftee has already seen it in progress, I'm not as worried in this case. I just won't post the final picture with all the tedious backstitching on it.

One thing I've done differently with this project is the gridding, a technique I found from one of the Teresa Wentzler boards that I visit. I didn't initially grid the fabric but did it after I discovered a mistake and had to tear a good portion of the armoire out. Several hours of gridding have really saved me a lot of time as discovering a mistake early is MUCH easier when I go in 10 x 10 stitch squares.

This is a progress picture of my attempts to discover the mistake after gridding. The diagonal lines are squares that had no mistakes in them and didn't have to be torn out. Pretty much everything above that had to be torn out and redone.

The time between the second picture and the first picture is about six weeks. I'm pleased with how quickly it's going now that I have little goals to reach.