Sunday, September 04, 2016

Finished Object: Rose Arbour by Mirabilia

This was one of my first Mirabilia purchases along with Rose of Sharon. I love the dresses in these designs! I also love how the beading is minimal compared to some of the other designs, such as Sabrina. I  know that some stitchers love the bling, but I find too much takes away from the stitching.

I searched and searched the internet for errata on this pattern, because I think the roses in her right hand had the wrong symbol in them. After finding nothing, I went with my gut (something I wouldn't have done when I first started stitching--stick with the pattern! The designer is right!). If I'm going to spend all this time on a project, I'm going to make it the way I want to see it!

I also spent the money to get both Rose of Sharon and Rose Arbour professionally framed. I found this great place in Liberty, SC, which is affordable and high-quality. I just about cried when I picked them up!

Finished Object: Serial Bowl Collection, Lesson 1 by Plum Street Samplers

Plum Street Samplers is one of my favorite designers for primitive designs and smalls. Many of the designs can be finished quickly (depending on stitch speed and available time) and uniquely. Some of the recent finishes have been pillows, and this one is the first design in what is called The Serial Bowl Collection.

Serial Bowl Collection of Sampler Lessons: Lesson One was released at the Nashville Market back in March 2015. From start to finish stitch completion took about six weeks, not including finishing. I was working on some other projects at that time, too.

I used 32 count taupe Lugana. I can't follow directions and used two threads over two instead of one thread over two, so the threads that came with the kit were not enough to finish the project. In place of those threads I replaced similar over-dyed cottons that were good matches for the design. These included threads from The Gentle Art and Week's Dye Works.

GA Barn Door --> Week's Red Pear
GA Cherry Cobbler --> GA Cranberry
GA Cinnamon Toast --> Week's Cinnabar
GA Sunkissed -->  GA Lambswool
GA Timber --> GA Molasses (trees only)


The finishing directions instructed that the chenille be attached using glue. I ended up sewing the pillow together first, then hand-stitched the chenille around the edges. I also created my own pillow insert.