Saturday, August 08, 2009

My Retro Apron

After I made my sister's really cool zebra apron, I decided to make myself one using another pattern in the same pack. The entire apron was made using scraps that I had at home. 

The main part is a blue toile that is the theme of my dining room. My curtains are that main color. It goes really well with the blue transferware I have as my china pattern. I also have placemats from another pattern set that I will have to post. 

The checked accent on the top, pocket, and ruffle match the accent on the placemats. 

The ties are made from a navy blue broadcloth. 

The lining is the only part that can't be seen. I used a blue and white pattern that matches in color. It was the only scrap that I had large enough for the back piece. I had no plans for it, so I'm glad I had a use for it! 

And yes, I also had the pocket monogrammed! 

The button accents are square, and I turned them on the corners in order to add more visual interest. The pattern of the toile is already horizontal, as is the gingham, so I felt that the slight angle to the buttons would give it a pop since I only used two colors. 

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Judy said...

Your apron is great!!! I think I've made one with the same pattern sometime back. Your sister must be pleased.