Sunday, March 27, 2016

Who Are the Cylons in Outlander?

When I moved into my current house, I decided to forego a giant cable package and bought a ROKU box instead. I haven't regretted the decision, as I've been able to catch shows that I can't watch on the box via other means.  Honestly, I haven't missed cable. Most of what I had watched was pure trash, like the Real Housewives shows, or I watched the same shows repeatedly. Now I've been catching up--and adding to--my list on Netflix and haven't looked back.

I've also taken advantage of free previews from Showtime and Starz. I binged two seasons of Penny Dreadful and am currently making my way through Outlander. I had attempted reading the book and it hadn't drawn me in like it had much of the fandom. I figured binging would be quicker than trudging through a book that I was marginally interested in, because with watching TV I could also work on my many crafting projects.

As I watched the first few episodes, I realized that the narration was not only the problem I had with the book but with the show as well. Claire narrates a lot. Most of her narration is heavy with her feelings, with how she needed to return back to 1945 from 1743, as if the action did not make these things obvious at all.

Really, who would want to stay in 1743? I understand that 1945 is no joy, but at least the clean-up from WW2 has started. 1945 has electricity, running water, and more comfortable clothes. 1743 has none of those things and corsets. Corsets! I do not envy Claire her task. Get back to 1945, girl! And stop that infernal narration!
(The real Moore is third from the right; the random Moore is the far right.)
Enough of the plot. When I was watching the opening credits in one episode, I noticed a name--Ronald D. Moore. Where had I heard that name before? That's right! Portlandia! In the Season 2 episode "One Moore Episode," the main characters hunt down Ronald D. Moore to write one more episode of Battlestar Galactica after they finished binge watching the show. It's the same guy! Except they find a random Ronald D. Moore and hijinks ensue.

I started thinking about Battlestar Galactica. I was surprised that I liked it because I am so picky about science fiction. But then I noticed something interesting, something the shows had in common.

It's The Last Supper Layout! One has sexy space people and robot assassins, the other has powdered wigs on Scots and murderous Sassenachs! Red dress front and center! Lots of side-eye in both posters! Suspicion....

So, who are the Cylons in Outlander? The English? Definitely Black Jack Randall. Claire? Possibly. It could explain her time travel.  I'll probably have more ideas as I watch more episodes.

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