Thursday, October 02, 2008

Last Night's Project Runway Episode

Oh, the last episode before the two finales drove me nuts! What was the point? 

Jerrell won, and the judges couldn't decide between Kenley, Leanne, and Korto. So, they're letting all three come back and decide among the FOUR of them who will make it. So, Jerrell isn't even automatically in. NO ONE at this point has been decided to go on to the final three. 

So, all four get to make a collection. Big freakin' deal. So do Joe and Suede, because neither of them had been eliminated on the air by the time Fashion Week came. So, there were SIX collections. 

Last night's episode was a waste. It has been an underwhelming challenge to judge in every season. Remember the Nancy O'Dell challenge in Season One where Wendy Pepper won? All of the outfits were bad, but the judges still managed to make a decision! 

This is a huge, disappointing cop-out. 

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David Dust said...

This was all about keeping Kenley and her drama for "better television". What a bad decision.

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