Thursday, October 09, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Finale Part One

I realized last night as I was watching that there was no reunion show! What is up with that? The best part is when they all get together, choose who is going to be Fan Favorite, and yell at the one villain the entire time. 

How can we forget Vanessa's lying about the interview she did with that one website (long since forgotten by me, when she trashed the other designers? Or how mad she was that everyone said she can't sew? And then there's the wine stain and her departure after the commercial break. 

Or how about Keith being asked about cheating? 

And here we are deprived of having Kenley the tugboat captain's daughter not having the chance to defend herself! 

This episode was very boring and uninspired. I thought Korto should have gone home, because her dresses looked like they were those woven placemats. I didn't see wedding in either of those dresses. 

My favorite was Leanne's, and Kenley's was nice. I'm sad to see Jerrell did not make it. 

Eh. Maybe it'll be better on Lifetime. 

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