Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lenten Eve

Or, as others call it, Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras. We always had pancakes at church, which was fine by me because pancakes are always good. One of the very few perks of going to CCD on Tuesday night was the Pancake dinner we always had on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. (It was always the worst homework night, though, because all of the Protestant kids went to church on Wednesday. My teachers didn't care.) 

So, I had to think about what I was going to give up for Lent this year. One year I gave up chocolate, which was impossible. I cheated. Two years I gave up Cherry Coke, which is my favorite soft drink of all time. I forgot a bunch of years.  

This year, I want to eat healthy. That means giving up things like McDonald's and other fast food items. Ice cream. I plan on keeping a food log of my healthy food. If I can do this for forty days, I think I can get back on the healthy train.  

I see good times ahead! 


HeatherW said...

So, one year for Lent I tried to give up salt. Yeah, who was I kidding? I started with good intentions, thinking I'd give up excess salt. But then when it came to things like chips, bacon,& the like, I quit after about 8 days. Another Lent, I too gave up chocolate, only to catch myself about 13 days in with a Twix bar in my mouth, saying "Dammit! I forgot!" But, we Protestants tend not to take the whole Lent thing too seriously. Except that this year, my sacrifice is to give up sweet tea. I've been sweet tea free for 2 days now, and am proud to say I passed it up on at least 2 different occasions. Let's see how long I remember to keep it this year...

Christine said...

That is a big sacrifice for you, this sweet tea! Of course, if your mom is still making her "Chernobyl" tea, then you're in a good place. :)