Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yarn Galore!

Okay, I found out that Hobby Lobby was discontinuing more yarn. So I went and bought some. 

Truth: I bought a lot. 

The hardest part of the yarn I bought is that it is novelty yarn, which makes it more difficult to find projects to make out of it. It's a lot of that "tape" yarn which looks really good on the skein, but not so much in a finished project. 

Sigh. But it's so pretty. 


judy said...

I'm itching to replenish my stash of wool...after using it nothing else seems nearly as wonderful to work with. I've been teaching myself to slow and sometimes frustrating process, and I am anxious to knit something instead of practice squares that I rip out over and over.

It's always fun to add to your stash!

Christine said...

My "practice" was a baby blanket that I started four times. Then I started making scarves. Recently I decided to learn how to use DPNs, because I needed to graduate up a a level!

You'll get there soon. :)