Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rest in Peace, Socks

News today that the Clinton's pet cat from Bill Clinton's presidency has passed away at the advanced age of 18 due to cancer. Lest we think that the Obama search for a mythical hypo-allergenic dog (they don't really exist!) is the first instance of a presidential pet, Socks reminds us that the president has a family side as well. Pets show us a facet of the highest public official in the land that is not usually seen at press conferences or in controlled interviews. 

And who couldn't love that sweet face? He reminds me of my own cat, Gemma. 

This picture is absolutely adorable. A Presidential Cat--can't do worse than their human counterparts, I'm thinking. It's a tough job. 

So, Rest In Peace, Socks. 

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Judy said...

Hmmm, Socks looks like my very first cat Motor...named because of her extraordinarily loud purr. I'm sorry for the Clinton's loss...I expect it hurt deeply. In their world unquestionably devoted love is likely rarely found in the human realm. Their Socks was surely a very best friend and source of comfort.