Friday, May 30, 2008

Checkbook Covers

My latest project has been checkbook covers. I was able to find a very good tutorial on how to make them here . I have made a few modifications to it, such as widening the sides because I can't seem to topstitch close enough to the edge, and I have added the monogramming. 

This is one that I made for my friend Afton: 

And this is the inside: 

And this is the one I made Amishacoe: 

And the inside: 


Ange said...

You did a beautiful job with mine. So far, four different historical novels have enjoyed the comfort of the book cover.

However, the checkbook cover ended up as a datebook cover because I use it more than the checkbook.

Seriously -


Christine said...

I never thought of using it as a datebook cover! It's so very versatile. :)

BTW, I loved yours the best. The material just rocks.

Kristine said...

Love the embroidery! They turned out nice :)