Saturday, May 24, 2008


I decided to declutter today and try to organize some of my scrapbook stuff. I have a lot of stuff that I think is important (every single 100 I made in elementary school, report cards, birthday cards) and most of them are in scrapbooks. My 4K-Grade 8 stuff is in one bankers box, my Girl Scout stuff is in another (thanks, Wider Opportunities!), and my high school stuff is in yet another. That's not counting the huge yearbooks, either. 

Most women would probably scrapbook the pictures and items into a neat little book, using zig-zagged scissors, colorful paper, and those 3-D stickers. Not me. If I can't cut a line perfectly, then I have to start over again. I could go out and get one of those blades that make a straight line, but the expense just stops me in my tracks. Then there are all the die-cuts, the stickers, borders, and pens. The possibilities are endless, but they are too endless for me. 

So, I've always used one of those books that have the gray pages that I just paste stuff into. Like this one: 

It's my junior year scrapbook, and I found this in it: 

A pop-up card made by my sister. I'm going to guess that she was 8. Now, one year for Christmas I got one of those Crayola kits to make cards. For years after that, every time we needed a card, I made one. I never did figure out if my parents wanted to encourage my creativity, or if they were cheap and couldn't be bothered to buy one. I eventually got out of that by making some mediocre cards BECAUSE I CAN'T DRAW, but it looks like they roped my sister into doing it. 

She caught on much more quickly than me. This one was made out of wrapping paper. The pop-up feature is genius and the heart is touching. And smudged out next to her signature? My parents names. Maybe they realized that they actually should buy me a card, which they did. 

It's still pasted in that scrapbook. 

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