Tuesday, May 20, 2008


About two years ago I became really interested in hockey. This meant that I had to pick a team, and I could go with one of the favorites, but that's not how I pick sports teams. No, I'm a girl, so I either pick a sports team for sentimental reasons or because my future husband is on the team (he's just not aware of that fact... yet). 

My team is the Carolina Hurricanes, winner of the 2006 Stanley Cup. My main motivation for picking them as my team is regionality.  A hockey team in North Carolina? Only four hours away from me? Wow! How cool is that? I can't even remember the last time I saw snow, so having a hockey team within a day trip drive was pretty cool. 

And then I found out that Bret Hedican was married to KRISTY FREAKIN' YAMAGUCHI! Once upon a time I wanted to be a ballerina figure skater (I was young, 'k?) until I realized that I lacked that certain something--grace. I fall when I walk. 

So, that little piece of knowledge sealed the deal. And so here's hoping that Kristy Yamaguchi wins the Dancing With The Stars title tonight. 


Anonymous said...

I never understood hockey but I like it when they get mad and beat each other up with the sticks.


Christine said...

Yeah, those are the best parts. :)