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Dark Shadows 1991: 1.2

Dark Shadows 1991, Episode 1.2

“My name is Victoria Winters. I am a stranger in the great house at Collinwood, but there are other strangers here, too. A man with riveting eyes, new to the land but not to its past. The [?] has also sent a third, uninvited guest, one who’s swept through the once quiet village and come to Widow’s Hill, where they say cries of sorrow have been heard for centuries. Tonight, they will be heard again, for the third visitor is Death. “

Joe watches as Dr. Hoffman gives Daphne her injection. The professor arrives and asks her about her accident. She remembers nothing, but says it may have something to do with the needles. The professor asks Daphne to wear a cross necklace. Dr. Hoffman looks alarmed. Daphne agrees to wear it. Hoffman asks Michael to talk to her alone. Daphne asks Joe to promise her they will always be together. He promises, then kisses her.

Julia questions Michael about the necklace, and he tells her it was something he felt he needed to do. He asks her about Daphne’s “sleepwalking”, but Julia says there is nothing to say, that Daphne just collapsed. She believes that something frightened Daphne and asks Michael if he thinks whatever did this to her will come back. Michael believes he doesn’t have a choice but to return. He leaves Collinwood.

The deputy wakes Joe up to take his turn watching over Daphne. Joe settles down to read a book. Daphne stirs in her sleep. Outside, a dog howls. Barnabas waits outside, needing to drink blood. Inside, Joe becomes sleepy and cannot stay awake. He falls asleep, and Daphne wakes up. She pulls the cross from around her neck then leaves the room through the conveniently opened window. She walks outside and meets Barnabas, who is calling to her. She walks to him, tears off her bandage, and they kiss before Barnabas feeds off her.

In the morning, Joe wakes up to find Daphne missing from her room. He wakes the deputy, and they run off to find her. They search the grounds and find Daphne’s body, the blood drained from her.

The rain pours down at Daphne’s funeral. Her coffin is carried into the family crypt.

Julia analyzes Daphne’s blood. She tells the professor that she had been trying a vaccine on Daphne, something she had been able to isolate from the abnormal cell she found on the other victims. She says it had been working. The professor asks her if she believes in the existence of vampires. He tells her the evidence that points to a vampire but that he didn’t mention it to the police. If he is right, Julia says that the “creature” could possibly be cured. “Vampirism isn’t a disease, Julia,” the professor says, “vampires are the living dead.” He says his proof will be forthcoming very soon.

David is outside playing ball. “If I catch this one, Daphne isn’t dead,” he chants each time he throws the ball against the stairs. He stops when he notices it is getting late and he needed to get back. Fog pours in around the property. He hears his name being called. “Who is it? Who’s calling me?” he asks. Daphne’s voice continues to call him, and she walks out of the fog. He tells her he knew she wasn’t dead. She tells him not to be afraid, that she wouldn’t hurt him, but he is frightened when she shows her teeth.

The rest of the family is inside eating dinner when David runs in. “I saw her! I saw her!” Roger asks him what he’s talking about, and David says he saw Daphne. Roger tells him this is not time for one of his pranks. The professor asks where he saw her, and Joe objects. The professor keeps asking his questions, and Joe becomes upset, saying David couldn’t have seen Daphne. He tries to tell David it’s just his imagination, then leaves to get air. The professor tells him to be careful. “Of what, ghosts?” Vicki takes David up to his room. Michael suggests they open Daphne’s grave. Elizabeth refuses, and Julia asks that she listen to what Michael has to say. Michael says that Daphne is a vampire. Roger is skeptical, as is the rest of the family.

Joe does not heed the professor’s warning and goes to the tomb. He walks down the steps. Daphne appears behind him, calling his name. She tells him not to be afraid, that they will be together forever. She bites him, drinking his blood.

Julia tends to Joe’s wounds at Collinwood. They found him wandering around the cemetery that morning, barely conscious. Roger says they opened Daphne’s coffin. Michael informs them that Sheriff Patterson has instituted a curfew with no one allowed out after dawn.

Maggie Evans is reading tarot cards at the Blue Whale. She tells Sam that someone else is going to die. Roger walks in, and Maggie asks him about Joe. He tells Maggie that Carolyn would like to see her at Collinwood, and Roger would be more than happy to give her a ride there and home. She asks Roger what Carolyn wants, and he says that it’s not what Carolyn wants, but what he wants. They go off to their secret love nest. After making love, they talk about the strange things going on in town. Maggie tells him she thinks it’s a vampire and that it’s only the beginning.

Barnabas arrives at Collinwood that night. Mrs. Johnson asks if Willie is okay. Barnabas meets with Elizabeth and Roger in the Drawing Room. He says he was in Boston for business and gives his sentiments for the death of Daphne. He asks what the sheriff’s deputies are on the estate. Roger says that no one knows where Daphne is but that she will find Joe. Barnabas says he finds this unbelievable and asks for Julia’s explanation. Nothing she’d submit to medical journals for publication, she says. He asks about Vikki, who is with David. Julia notices that Barnabas has no reflection in the mirror—all she sees is Elizabeth sitting by herself on the couch, Barnabas’ spot vacant. Barnabas leaves a few moments later.

A sheriff’s patrol car rides around Collinwood. Doctor Hoffman checks Joe’s vital signs. She tells Carolyn to get some rest. A deputy is left behind. Vicki is in David’s room, a notebook on her lap. She keeps writing the name “Josette”. Roger comes in, grateful that David is asleep. She says that David is very frightened but probably doesn’t understand.

The deputy looks out the window of Joe’s room. Joe is still. The deputy turns away and Joe’s eyes open. He pulls the bandage off his arm and sneaks up behind the deputy. Joe sneaks past Roger, the sheriff, and the professor. He makes it outside, saying Daphne’s name. She is above the carriage house (garage?), beckoning to him. He pulls the bandage off his neck and walks towards her. They kiss and Daphne begins to feed off him again.

Patrol cars pull up in front of the carriage house. A deputy sneaks upstairs, a giant cross in his hand. Joe lays on the floor, Daphne laying on top of him. She knocks a can over, and the deputy comes back up the stairs. She comes after him. She advances, but the presence of the cross pushes her back. She runs, but each of the cops holds a cross in front of her. Joe attempts to protect her. More cops arrive, along with the professor carrying a case. Joe is pulled away from Daphne, who is held onto the ground as Michael drives a wooden stake into her heart.

Julia is in her office at Collinwood and writes in her journal. She decides to confront Barnabas at the Old House. The sun goes down. Julia walks over to the Old House. Willie stops as she sneaks in. She asks where Barnabas is. Willie says he’s not there, but Julie thinks that he’ll be here soon because the sun will set soon and that’s when he comes to life. Willie pleads ignorance. She asks where a door leads to, and Willie says nowhere. He attempts to stop her from going down to the basement. She finds the room where the coffin is. She opens the lid, holds a cross out, and Barnabas covers his face. Barnabas tells her to put it away and promises not to hurt her. She wants his word. He gives it to her, and she puts the cross away.

Barnabas tells Dr. Hoffman she is very brave. She says she would’ve have come if she felt she couldn’t trust his word—or help him. “Help me?” he asks. She offers him a normal life, and Barnabas laughs. She tells him what she discovered about his cell and her theory. He says his curse is beyond the realm of science. He tells her he is repulsed by what he has become, and he would give anything to be normal again. She asks him for the chance to help her. “All right, doctor. When shall we begin?

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