Monday, June 02, 2008

Doll Outfit

This weekend I made the dress that my Molly doll is currently wearing. The pattern for the dress is McCall's Crafts 2609 , Gotz "Time to Dream", view B.  Overall, the pattern was very easy to execute, though I did make modifications to the order of the pattern. 

  • I sewed the ruffle to the skirt before sewing the bodice on. 
  • I did not hand-sew the cuffs to the sleeve, as that required more patience than I have. 
  • I closed the dress and pinafore with velcro. 
The dress should have more volume, but the doll is not wearing a petticoat underneath it. The set does include a petticoat pattern with it, though it is not shown on the package. (It is shown in the link, though.) The bodice also seems to be too large for the American Girl dolls, but perhaps the addition of the petticoat and undershirt would bulk up  the torso and make for a better fit. 

The pattern was made for the Gotz dolls, but seems to fit 18 inch dolls. 

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