Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Molly's Rain Gear

About a year ago, I decided to unearth my American Girl Doll patterns and make Molly's raincoat. Remember those patterns? Back before Mattel bought Pleasant Company, PC actually made patterns that you could use to make your own doll clothes, patterned after the dresses made from the books. The big problem with the patterns is that the directions are horrible. Like English translated into Romanian translated into Russian translated in Farsi and back to English again bad. 

The other reason finishing this project took so long is the stupid vinyl I used. Oh, it's horrible. Even with using tissue paper to help the feed it was horrible. And like most patterns, I made some modifications. I couldn't do all of the top-stitching on the hat because it's so small. And I didn't add the grommets because my pliers were too short. And it's vinyl. 

Otherwise, I think it came out very well. Next time I'll use some other type of material, though. 

And from the back: 


ktbug said...

wow...i forgot about all of those patterns of yours and moms; looks really good love!

Christine said...

Uh, all those patterns of Mom's--did you see the pattern cabinet in the closet?

And when I made this, I always thought that her raincoat was red, but then I looked and it's always been yellow.