Thursday, June 12, 2008

Felicity's Christmas Dress

It took me a week, but it's done! The satin was a bitch to sew, so I took my time so I wouldn't screw it up too bad. Overall, it was easier than the raincoat I finished last week, so that was a relief. I love the way it turned out, though I used to wide of lace for the arms. 

Like the raincoat, this was one of the American Girl patterns that was sold through Pleasant Company before being acquired by Mattel. In this case the pattern was Felicity's. 

I made a few modifications from the pattern: 
  • I left off the decorative cuff. I had it made and gathered, but I didn't like how it looked sewed on to the sleeve. I replaced it with some trim that I had from another project. 
  • I only made one stomacher. I didn't make the alternate with ribbon because I didn't have white ribbon, only cream. I know it's something that only I would notice, but I WOULD NOTICE. 
Oh, and pleating nine and three-quarters yard of ribbon? Painful. Literally. There must have been a hundred pins in that length of ribbon. 

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