Monday, July 21, 2008

Dark Shadows 1991: 1.5

Continuing with my 1991 Revival Series episode summaries: 

“My name is Victoria Winters. Evening has descended at Collinwood, and for one man it is an evening filled with the promise of hope. But tonight betrayal awaits. The treachery of a confidant will shatter that hope, and his own true evil will be revealed.”

Willie serves dinner to Barnabas and Vikki. Barnabas dismisses him. Barnabas gives Vikki a gift—Josette’s music box. Vikki says that she cannot accept that, it she knows how much it means to him as a family heirloom. She comments that the tune is a minuet, and the two of them dance to the tune.

The next morning Vikki leaves the music box playing as she gets ready. Julia passes by the room and hears the familiar tune. She enters the room and closes the box. Vikki and Julia discuss the music box—Julia feigns ignorance as to where it came from. Vikki tells her that Barnabas gave it to her. Julia asks her the nature of the relationship, that she gets the feeling that Vikki wishes to talk to someone about the relationship. Is it love? Vikki asks her to keep quiet.

Julia goes to the Old House and asks after Barnabas. He went off for a walk, Willie says, even though he warns Barnabas about exposure to too much sun. She asks Willie about Barnabas’ relationship with Vikki. Willie confesses that he is a bit worried about the two of them. He shows her Josette’s room, and Julia immediately sees the resemblance of the portrait to Vikki. Willie says that Barnabas plans on marrying Vikki Winters as soon as he’s normal . Julia says that emotional attraction can cause a setback—Barnabas returns to the house and the two hide. Barnabas comes into the bedroom and talks to Josette’s portrait. Soon they will be together again, he tells her. At Collinwood, Julia writes in her journal about the relationship between the “subject and a certain young woman”. She feels it has proven harmful to the completion of the experiment and must put it on hold until the relationship is over.

Carolyn visits Joe at his boat. She asks if he believes in sailor’s superstition, and he says yes. She asks when he’s going to take her on the cruise he promised on her 13th birthday. The two sail off on Daphne. She attempts to seduce him, but he pushes her off. He can’t do this. I bet you can, she counters. He tells her to cool it and heads back to shore.

Julia gives Barnabas his next “dose”. How much longer? he asks. She warns him that they must proceed with moderation. He tells her he wants to be alive, to grow old, and to die.

At the Blue Whale, Carolyn and Joe eat dinner. Ketchup pools at the corner of his mouth, much like blood at the corner of a vampire’s—Carolyn cleans it off. Maggie watches and has a vision of Carolyn attacked by a monster. She says nothing. She and Sam close up.

Barnabas shares a drink with Vikki. She asks if he’s coming to Elizabeth’s costume party, where all the members of the family dress as their ancestors. Barnabas says that they may be able to find something for her in the attic. They find a dress that they believe is Josette’s. She says she enjoys the sense of ancestry at Collinwood. She knows nothing about her own family as she grew up in an orphanage. She says she feels connected to Josette. A storm begins, and Vikki is stuck at the Old House for a while. Barnabas suggests she spend the night there. She is unsure, but Barnabas said that Willie can make up the bed in Josette’s room and she can return in the morning. She prepares for bed and he wishes her a good night before leaving. “I’m in your room, I’m in your nightgown, and I’m going to sleep in your bed. I almost feel like I’m you,” Vikki says to the portrait.

Barnabas sits in front of the fireplace as the storm rages on. His mind goes back to Vikki in Josette’s room and Vikki’s slender, white throat. Barnabas roams the drawing room as Vikki sleeps upstairs. He walks up the stairs and into Josette’s room. He watches Vikki sleep and touches her neck. His teeth bared and eyes yellowed, he feels the urge to drink from her neck but manages to suppress it. Vikki sleeps on. Barnabas and Willie run outside to the Mausoleum. Barnabas insists that Willie chain himself into the coffin—he can no longer control himself.

Willie goes to Collinwood and wakes up Julia. He tells her she has to come immediately. He takes her to the mausoleum—Barnabas is no longer chained up. “What have you done to me, Julia?” he asks. He pushes Willie aside. She was only trying to protect him—that his relationship with Vikki is self-destructive. He grabs her face in his hand and demands that she tell him what she did. She diluted the serum. End this now, he tells her. She gets her bag and injects him with the serum.

The next morning all is well. Vikki is awake, and the two of them share breakfast. Barnabas notices that his hand has aged considerably. He knocks over a cup of coffee but says he’s fine. He insists that it is about time for Vikki to return and asks Willie to see her back when she’s finished with breakfast. He shows Willie his hands and tells him to bring Dr. Hoffman back her as soon as possible. Willie is detained by his aunt. Why is he there so early? To see her, of course! She asks why, and he tells her he’s thinking about planting a rose garden. They talk about the merits of fresh-cut flowers in the house. She’d be glad to help him in his garden! He declines his favorite breakfast. Thankfully, Julia walks down the stairs. He tells her that she must come to the Old House immediately, but she says that she can’t help him anymore. An agitated Willie leaves the house.

Carolyn enters the Old House looking for Barnabas. She sees Barnabas sitting near the window—only it’s not him, it’s a monster. He attacks her, and she tries to escape. Willie walks in the front door and hears her screams. It is too late. Barnabas has already fed off Carolyn. He cries out in pain at what he has done. He commands Willie to pull the drapes, which he quickly does. Immediately Barnabas changes from an old man back to his normal looks. Carolyn moans on the floor. “I had no choice, Willie,” Barnabas says as Willie cradles Carolyn in his arms. Barnabas looks in the mirror, but he cannot see his reflection. Willie understands the implications of this. Carolyn’s eyes open as Barnabas calls her name. She rises and goes to him. When he calls her, she will come. Dr. Hoffman will pay for what she has done to him.

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