Friday, July 11, 2008

Yarn Geek Love

I'm not usually the type of person that buys something merely because it's on sale. Now, if I want an item and it's on sale, that's a different matter. I need it, I have a place for it in my life, I can't live without it. But normally, if the item does not fill one of those three requirements, I don't buy it. 

For example, I don't usually buy yarn for the sake of buying yarn. I don't have the room to keep the stash. I try to limit it to one box. 

That plan didn't work so well. 

Ever since I've discovered the evil that is Ravelry, my interest in knitting has resurged. That combined with the fact that I am making stuff for my future niece/nephew as well. So on my birthday, I walk into Hobby Lobby (part of the crafter's wallet axis of evil) and there is CLEARANCE YARN in two buggies. So, I buy some really cool yarn to make scarves. It's $.99. I have never seen yarn for $.99. And it's pretty. I can make scarves out of it. 

So, I have a plan for it. I start knitting with it (because the baby blanket has stalled). Christmas gifts. Cool. Most of the stuff I leave behind because I don't like the colors or the type of yarn it is. 

I go back today because I'm over in that general direction. The plan is to look for an affordable lamp (ha!) to put in my front room. My cart veers towards the yarn. I find MORE clearance yarn! And conveniently enough, it's the same stuff--different colors--of the baby blanket. It's purple. I love purple. Kate love's purple. It's originally $5.59 a skein. I pick it up for $1.99. I get 14 skeins. 

I'm in trouble. 

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