Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 2

Okay, here we go, Episode 2! 

At the beginning, the designers get to choose their models, and the models file off the stage as they are picked. Then they come back on the stage, which confuses everyone. Ah, but it's  a twist on the wedding dress challenge in Season 1. The models are their clients, and they are to make a "green" cocktail dress. Then another twist--the models are to do the shopping! Most of the designers are shocked; what does a model know about good fabrics and notions? 

What, indeed? The models are given half an hour to shop. One model asks immediately for organic fabrics (you go, girl!) and another asks how much is in a yard (yeesh). Some models have the same fabric, one is rushing around with peacock feathers, and the designers are scared shitless. When they return, the models and designers have 30 minutes to caucus. 

There are a couple of challenges in here: what the models want; working with clients; and working with the materials that the models brought in. It's a challenge to see who is innovative and can use what's available to them. I have a feeling that whoever had trouble with the Gristede's grocery store challenge is not going to have a good time with this one. Take Stella, for example: her client is earthy and wants something beachy, while Stella is urban rocker chic. Stella had a problem with the previous challenge as well. 

And then there's Suede, "a bisexual Sagittarius who likes long walks on the beach", who talks about himself in third person. 

Wesley, Joe, and Leanne have the same fabric. 

Tim Gunn comes in and shocks everyone with two announcements. 1) No immunity, with the winner's dress being manufactured by 2) A famous young starlet is going to be the guest judge. 

On elimination day, Tim says the group is turning him into a wreck with the amount of work left to be done. Sounds like he's as unimpressed as the previous challenge, when all those slackers used tablecloths. 

And everyone is loving it that Natalie Portman, environmentalist and starlet, is the surprise judge. And which designer (apart from Leather Stella) is going to go on the record saying that they don't like using green fabrics? 

Once the "safe" designers leave the stage, we are left with Kenley, Suede, Wesley, Stella, Korto, and Leanne. Leanne, Wesley, and Korto are the bottom three, with Wesley and Leanne have the same fugly brown satin. 

(On the poll, Blayne's tanorexia came in with 37%, while Suede's use of third person came in with 47% of the vote as craziest thing, but they circled Blayne's 37%.) 

Stella is in, Suede won, Kenley is in, Korto is in, and we're down to Wesley and Leanne. Both of them had the fugly brown satin. Wesely's dress is unflattering with a poor fit, while Leanne had too many ideas and she couldn't edit. Heidi called it a school project. I say Leanne's out. 

Nope. She's in! Wesley's out. I suppose a school project ranks higher than poor fit. 

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