Sunday, July 20, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 1

I have loved Project Runway since Season 1. I had stumbled across it while flipping through the channels and caught up on four episodes on Saturday afternoon. I was hooked.  Then I had some cable issues and I didn't see Season 2, and I went through massive PR withdrawal. 

Luckily, I was back in cable with the third and fourth seasons. I loved it all! The fashion, the drama, the villains! Oh, the villains! My favorite so far is still Wendy Pepper, for the way she sucked everyone in with her motherly attitude and then willingly turned on them. Jeffrey from Season 3 I didn't see so much as a villain because I agreed with most of his feelings about whiny Angela. I just have to shove aside the fact that I wouldn't want anyone to talk that way to my mother, but sheesh, was that woman hard to work with! And the fleurshons? WTH? What grade are we in again? 

So, Season 5 began again this past week. I caught up on the episode today, and I have to admit, I was disappointed. 

Oh, it was all there--the mix of designers, Tim Gunn, Heidi, the grocery store challenge, and Austin Scarlet. But wow, what a lack of creativity and imagination. I remember the first time that Nina Garcia ripped into a designer for using trash bag couture, which has been so done. There was some seriously ugly going on there! I lost track of the amount of tablecloths that were used as the main part of the garment.  

I'm hoping that the designers kick it up a notch with the next episode, and I hope that a really great villain emerges. One episode was not enough for me to pin down who that person would be, but time will tell. 

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