Friday, July 11, 2008

Doll Geek Love

Anyone who knows me or has checked out this blog knows that I love dolls. My aunt started me at the age of four with porcelain dolls, but the problem with them is that you can't play with them. Then it was the Barbies, which I collected for a good while. I still have most of my collection, though most of it is hardly MC-NRFB. I liked to take my dolls out of the boxes. And then I got the American Girl dolls, first Samantha, and then Molly. Lately I've been making doll clothes during my summer vacay, using up random material in my stash. When browsing through the American Girl website, I noticed that their limited edition 2008 doll, Mia, was a figure skater and a HOCKEY PLAYER! ! !  

And then I saw Mia's 2-1 Outfit, and I had to have. Since it didn't come with the skates, I had to buy Mia's Meet Accessories as well. Conveniently, my parents gave me money for my birthday, so I went ahead and ordered the two items. 

Here's the boring part of the outfit: 

The outfit has a cute sweater with long-sleeve mittens,  skate blade covers, skate bag, and an iPod style headphone set. It even plays music. Oh, and it came with leg-warmers, too. 

But this is the cool part of the outfit: 

She has a hockey jersey! And a stick with a puck! How adorable is that outfit? And the doll (which is Molly, BTW), even comes with frizzy long hair, just like mine. 

Next up: figuring out how to make a Carolina Hurricane's jersey for the doll. 

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