Thursday, July 03, 2008

Kirsten's Dirndl and Kerchief

Back when I first started collecting the American Girl dolls (first Samantha and then Molly), Pleasant Company sold an outfit known as Kirsten's Dirndl and Kerchief. From the little I remember from 17 years ago (when I first got my dolls), it is a traditional Swedish outfit that Kirsten wore on the long boat ride from Sweden to America. The outfit has long since been retired. Here's what the official dress looked like: 

I decided I liked it and tried to make it. Here's what I cam up with: 

I think it's pretty durn close. I used parts from three different patterns: 
  • From Kirsten's Pretty Clothes, I used the pantalettes pattern and the skirt bottom from the School Dress. 
  • From Molly's Pretty Clothes, I used the jumper top from her Plaid Jumper and Blouse pattern. 
  • From Addy's Pretty Clothes, I used the blouse pattern from her School Outfit (which has also been retired!) 
There are a few obvious differences between the original and mine: 
  • The skirt in my version is not stripes, but plaid like the jumper section. 
  • The jumper section is different as well. I don't have the lacing in the front. I have a problem with making the grommets work on the material, even with using interfacing in between the layers. Maybe I don't use enough force or pressure. 
Overall, I like the way that it turned out. It may be different, but it is original! 

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