Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 3

This week on Project Runway, I'm waiting for a villain and some drama. Oh, and some inspired fashion. Last week really hurt my feelings. 

This week, for the model assignments, the winning and losing designers' models come out. Suede has a choice, he can keep Tia or swap with another designer. "Suede loves Tia. Suede's going to keep Tia." So, Alyssa's out. 

Heidi sends them back to Atlas to meet Tim, who's going to take them out on the town. They cheer. No, you idiots! Out on the town is a challenge! Nothing is free! Jerell things that it may be a nice dinner or go out. Stella thinks Tim is going to take them to a nice bar or restaurant that may be his favorites. Going out to the clubs? Well, they'll at least be out in the rain. THey come out wearing ugly orange ponchos. 

The destination of their challenge? A City Sights NY tour bus! They all go up to the top deck in the rain. Oh, how I love Tim! The challenge is to create an outfit inspired by NYC at night. Four stops, a group gets off, and they have to take photographs in an  hour. 

Ah, Kenley and Stella argue when Kenley walks in front of Stella's shot. Okay, some drama. But enough? 

Back at the workroom, they have half an hour to pick their photos, and the shopping budget is $100. And, they can choose their own fabrics for the first time. The winner has immunity for the next challenge and cannot be eliminated. 

Kenley is looking for some 40s/50s stuff. Stella is probably looking for leather. Leanne was looking for charmeuse, and Terri--wait, who was Terri again? Either she's out this week or she's in, because they're focusing on her a bit! Suede is giving flecks of color. Keith is also getting more air time as well, and we haven't heard anything from Korto. Everyone has an opinion on Keith's dress. Stella is hammering and making people mad. 

Tim checks in. Jennifer (who is Jennifer?) has a bad hemline that she needs to work on. Tim is worried that Keith's dress won't have shape. He loves the silhouette of Kenley's dress, but it looks costumey. Terri is into street culture, and the influence of her picture is clear in her outfit. 

Keith's model had to drop out of the competition and Alyssa would be coming back to take her place. Sandra Bernhardt was the guest judge. 

After the scoring, Heidi calls Keith, Kenley, Emily, Terri, Jennifer, and Leanne. Those not called were qualified to move on to the next round. 

Keith, Emily, and Jennifer are on the bottom. Kenley, Terri, and Leanne are the top three. I think Leanne did a really good job of not overthinking this design. I think Jennifer's was the most boring of the lot. If they're going by boring, then Jennifer's out. If they're going by execution, then it's Keith; if they're going by Nina's lack of a comment, then it's Emily. As for the winner, I like Terri's. 

The winner is.... Kenley. She has immunity for the next challenge. 

The auf'ed contestant is... Emily. 

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