Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 4

Heidi welcomes everyone and brings out the winning and losing designers models, and Kenley has the option to stay with Shannon or swap with another designer. She decides to stay with Shannon, meaning Leslie is out. 

No explanation from Heidi for the challenge; instead, Tim is taking them on another field trip. This will be the third one for them. They all hop into vans and contemplate what their next assignment will be. Blayne talks about how much he wants to go tanning. Suede still talks in third person. 

They arrive at the Armory Track, where they are greeted by Apolo Ohno, who is racing around the track on in-line skates. Apolo tells the designers about the challenge. They get to create a look for the US team for the Opening Ceremonies. They will be designing women's wear only. Armani designed for the Italy team, and Ralph Lauren designed the 2008 uniforms. Ohno is the judge for this challenge. 

They all head over to the Armory Track's museum of all things Olympics and sketch. There are varying levels of knowledge about the Olympics. Daniel has never seen the Olympics, while Joe and Terri have both seen the Games. 

Stella drops a bomb-shell by saying she likes fur and leather. 

Drama comes when Keith picks up the fabric Terri chose and placed on the table, but he has already cut a piece out of it. Drama? Please... 

Back at Parson's, they have until 1 am and the winner has immunity. Joe is going to make a skort. I hate skorts. Daniel is leaning towards a modern 40s cocktail-type dress. Blayne's getting paler and paler and weaker and weaker. Terri is making a bustier and pants. Jennifer is making a skirt, camisole, and sweater jacket. Keith is mixing silk with fleece. 

Tim comes in to see how they're doing. He says Blayne's is looking Sergeant Pepper's, and Blayne looks absolutely confused about that reference. He doesn't get it at all, which cracks me up. He has seen Across the Universe, though, so I guess that counts for... nothing. It counts for nothing. Tim questions Jerrel's horizontal stripes on athletic women combined with the stripes and patterns on the top. Tim says that Jennifer's looks matronly again, especially with the sweater. 

Joe and Daniel get snippy with each other over who uses which machine. Joe has been using one machine for three challenges, and Daniel has rethreaded his machine, which Joe has threaded with white. "Is he for real? Is he psycho? What a baby, honestly." Joe's response? "There's too much drama with all these queens around." Terri says it's too high school and she wants to go to college. 

The next day, Tim sends in the models. They all get ready, tug the zippers up, button buttons, and hope that all goes well. 

Heidi comes out and gives her usual spiel of being in or out and recapping the challenge. Then she introduces the judges, including Apolo Ohno. Then the show starts. 

Suede, Kellie, Leanne, Stella, Keith, Blayne, and Kenley have made it on to the next level. That leaves Jennifer, Terri, Joe, Korto, Daniel, and Jerrell. The models are brought back out and the Inquisition has begun! Everyone likes Terri's, with Nina calling it versatile, smart, and sharp. Jennifer used inspiration from the 1920s, but Heidi doesn't seem "Olympic" or "modern" or even "American." Nina feels that Jennifer has a problem separating the challenge and her design inspiration. Joe's turn is next. Nina likes that he incorporated sports into the design. Daniel used a 1940s inspired cocktail dress, and Ohno did not see Olympics in it. Ohno! Then he gets called on the color of the dress, which looks purple, but Michael Kors biggest problem is the lack of America in the design. Korto's is more athletic as well, and both Nina and Heidi like the outfit. Ohno agreed with Korto that it is very '08. Jerrel's outfit was like a 1920s outfit, but it didn't look anything athletic. Nina is puzzled and said it "looks like Mary had a little lamb." 

So, the "Out" group is Jerrell, Jennifer, and Daniel. 

The "In" group is Joe, Korto, and Terri. 

After the judges discuss, they bring the designers back out. 

Joe is in, and I thought he'd be the one that would win. The winner is.... Korto! How great! She was in the bottom three during the cocktail dress challenge and was so defeated, and now she has immunity for next week. 

Jerrell is in. We're down to Jennifer and Daniel. I'm thinking it's Jennifer at this point. 

And Jennifer is out... 

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