Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase

Loretta Chase's Lord Perfect is the third installment in her Carsington Brothers series. I didn't even realize there was a series until after I read the first two books, because there's no tedious set-up for the next book, and each book easily stands alone. 

The story is of two people unsuited for each other. Bathsheba Wingate is Notorious, and her daughter is Trouble. Benedict Carsington, the Lord Perfect of the title, is a paragon among Society. But when her daughter and his nephew run off to find an old family treasure, Bathsheba and Benedict find themselves chasing the children across southern England, from London towards Bath. 

This book is at its heart is a road trip romance. Most of the action among the characters occurs on the journey to the fabled treasure. The action goes very fast and present in this book is Chase's familiar wit. I loved the interactions between the characters, and the children by far stole the show of the book. Olivia Wingate was a delightful con artist, while Peregrine, Lord Lisle, knew his role as an aristocrat. 

I have been a fan of Chase's since Lord of Scoundrels. I love this book as well, and hope she keeps up the good work. A+. 

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