Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sewing and Knitting Accessories

The following items were made using McCall's Crafts pattern M5722. All material was bought from Hancock Fabrics. 

I absolutely love this knitting bag. I had the front pocket monogrammed with my initials. It sits open by itself and the directions were easy to follow. 

The best part of the bag? The roomy interior! Inside I have two projects, one a knitting project and the other a crochet project. 

Also part of the pattern was a circular needle case. I also had the outside of the case monogrammed. 

This case took a little more care than the bag due to the use of vinyl and small strips of material to bind the tops of the vinyl. I love it. I love the material and I love the pattern. I only have two sets of circular needles so far, but I have no doubt that the rest of it will be filled some day! 

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