Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elizabeth's Meet Dress

I was inspired by another dress out of the American Girl catalog. Elizabeth is Felicity's best friend. The "Meet Dress" usually refers to the dress worn by the main character in her Meet book. Here is Elizabeth's. 

As you can see, mine has some differences. I used the pattern for Felicity's Christmas dress. The pink color is not the same, though I prefer my lighter pink to the rosy mauve of the Mattel dress. I also made a complete underskirt instead of just having a panel in the middle. 

Most of the material came from the stash that Mama Wiebenga sent me. The fabric, the lace, the trim on the sleeves and around the front, as well as the flowers on this stomacher were al from her. The thread and the lace on the sleeves was mine. 

I decided this time that I wasn't going to pleat ten feet of ribbon. Instead, I ungathered the trim and used it as a ribbon instead of a lace. That saved a lot of time, and I think it ended up well. 

I prefer my version over the inspiration. 

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