Thursday, August 21, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 6

The designers are eating breakfast, getting ready for the next challenge. Korto wonders how Daniel keeps coming up safe, and Joe does not think Keith should have won. "Swatches and strips" are Keith's style. 

On the runway, Heidi comes out and says there is a very special guest. What, no models? No, it's a hug monster! No, it's Chris March! With disco-ball boobs! He's dressed like a space-age Viking goddess. The next challenge? Designing an outfit for a drag queen. "Too much drama." 

The "models" come out. Each lady has her own persona, from Marilyn Monroe to flamenco dancer to Southern belle. Farrah Moans, Hedda Lettuce, and Sharon Needles are my favorite names. The designers are encouraged to be theatrical and over-the-top, which allows for a lot of freedom. 

Keith chooses Sherry Vine, who has a great set of legs. Heidi agrees, and Keith says, "Hell yeah." I know he's gay, but the way he said it was still really creepy. 

They all go up to the workroom to get to know each other. Tim reminds the designers that it is the designer's responsibility to be true to the persona and to be theatrical. And the looks will be auctioned off to help those affected by HIV/AIDS. Miss Understood tells Blayne that drag is smoke and mirrors. Hedda Lettuce wants everything in one outfit but be tasteful as well. And yes, she wears green. Stella, of course, wants to grommet everything on Luisa Verde's outfit. Joe seems to be completely out of his element. 

At Mood, they buy feathers and shiney and sequiny and fabulous. Keith did not get immunity last time he won and feels that he deserves it. Whatever. Joe's queen left him the bra to put on the male mannequin form. Daniel tries to borrow Kenley's bra, but she refuses. Blayne's drag name would be dragalicious. Everything is -licious. 

Terri's making a kimono and legging outfit. Joe's making a catsuit. Suede is making a green outfit with gloves that have tiny heads of lettuce on them. Hedda Lettuce asks if he's just too lazy to make a sleeve, which hurts Suede's feelings. Keith is making a fringed, tiling piece. It's mostly swatches of black, gray, and white, with nothing theatrical about it. 

Tim walks in. The clients walk in, but they are not in drag. Blayne seems almost shocked that his client is actually a boy under all that outfit. Korto has this huge flame outfit, fire everywhere. Jarrell's client wishes that the collar wasn't covering so much of his face. 

Tim makes his comments on the outfits. Blayne's looks like a "a pteradactyl from a gay Jurassic Park." Tim is worried about Daniel's outfit, as it isn't really drag enough. Daniel is still talking about his taste level, how his outfit is more couture, blah blah. 

The fashion show is fabulous! It's so over-the-top, so much fun, probably the best runway of the season. Ru Paul is the guest judge. So awesome! They're sashying, dancing, and hamming it up for the camera. 

The bottom three are Daniel, Jarrell, and Keith. 

The top three are Joe, Korto, and Terri. 

The winner of immunity? Joe! 

Auf'ed? Daniel. 

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