Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Project Runway Season 5: Episode 5

Season 5 of Project Runway has been bringing in the big-name stars for some of the competitions. Natalie Portman, Sandra Bernhard, and Apolo Ohno have already made an appearance, and this week is Brooke Shields's turn. 

Daniel and Keith are working out, which I find hilarious in Daniel's case. He's so skinny, and I'm thinking those dumbbells are hollow. 

Moving on the model pick, Korto gets first pick as winner of the last challenge. Korto keeps her model, Katarina, and Alex is out. Everyone else has the same models. Heidi says that they will be designing for a high-powered and glamorous professional woman. Blayne hopes it's not Hillary Clinton, because there's no way he's going to design a neon pantsuit. I'd love to see Hillary in neon! 

The speculation includes Nancy Grace, Heidi Klum, and even Sharon Osbourne (from Stella, natch). Tim comes in the workroom and introduces--Brooke Shields! The challenge is to create an outfit for her Lipstick Jungle character Wendy Healy. She's a high-powered studio executive and mother of two. Her look is bohemian, and each designer gets looks from Season One of the show, and the other criteria is that it be a day-to-night look. The designers will be working in teams of two. After sketching, each will pitch their design to Brooke, who will pick six of the twelve to bring their design to life. And the winning look will be worn by Brooke during season two! 

Brooke's picks are Korto, Terri, Kellie, Keith, Jerrell, and Blayne. The teams are: Keith & Kenley; Korto & Joe; Terri & Suede; Jerrell & Stella; Kellie & Daniel; and Blayne & Leanne. 

At mood, Kenley goes for these wild prints, but Tim says, "Can I be honest with you? Look around." Daniel felt that his choices were more "high-end", because Kellie chose too much leopard and lace. Back at the workroom, the designers have ten hours. Tim comes in and announces their is NO immunity! 

Kellie likes to do things herself, and this belief is cemented when Daniel's skirt ends up crooked with a "swobbly" zipper. She makes him re-cut it. Tim is dubious about the look. 

Suede doesn't want to cut the top because he's worried about the amount of fabric, and Terri tells him to cut it. Suede is "really uncomfortable", and the look of concern on his face is stressing her out. Tim likes the look and thinks the neckline is gorgeous, making Terri's day. 

Jerrell and Stella seem to be working well together--Stella is in her element with a leather belt. Of all the teams, they seem to have the least angst working with each other, which is really great since Jerrell didn't have a choice but to pick Stella. She was the last one. Tim loves the color and the waistband and says it looks like a true collabo. 

Joe says that he loves the sleeves and loves the top Korto designed. But when Tim comes in to offer his opinion, Joe is less than positive about it. Tim says it looks like a "big sweet potato", and Joe agrees with him, saying it's baggy pouffy. Korto says he never mentioned it before, and Joe says that it's her vision. 

Terri is not happy with her garment, the shirt being "jacked up". Kenley asks how his shirt is, and Terri goes, "it's horrible." 

Blayne's bermuda shorts look  too sporty, too casual. 

Tim asks where Kenley's floral print is, and  Kenley pulls it out. Tim was right! The bottom of the dress is brown "fringe" with a different floral print top. 

After the designs are scored on the runway, the following teams are safe: Terri & Suede, Korto & Joe. The rest are either the winning teams or the losing teams. 

Heidi loves Jerrell's design. Michael says it is well-made, sexy without being cheap, and good-looking. On Kellie's outfit, Brooke didn't like the shape, saying it looked "so much cheaper than I thought it could look." Michael's take? "Hello! Slutty slutty slutty." Daniel should have said something. Daniel says his taste is impeccable, and Kenley starts laughing. Brooke likes Keith's outfit, saying it looks rich and expensive. Nina isn't sure if it's "day enough", but says it's beautiful. Blayne and Leanne's outfit is just too sporty and not night enough. Nina doesn't think Blayne listened and is surprised Leanne let it go. 

The winner? Keith and his swatchy dress. Kenley is safe. 

Blayne and Leanne are also safe along with Jarrell and Stella. 

Out? Kellie. Daniel is safe, and Kellie is auf'ed. 

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