Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Changes at Hancock

I have a Hancock's Fabric right down the road for me. I love how convenient it is and the great sales they have on patterns. 99 cents for a pattern? That's freakin' awesome! At that price, I'm able to pick up two, one for me and one for my mom. 

Recently I noticed that Hancock switched their cross-stitch thread from DMC to Sullivan's. I didn't like this change because I have an extensive DMC inventory, not to mention the fact that all my patterns are in DMC. I know DMC. 

Recently I noticed another change in the store, this time at the Coats  & Clark display. The spools changed! Now, I understand that this is no longer a Hancock issue, but a Coats & Clark issue. The spools have become more stream-lined and smaller. Not only are the spools smaller, but the amount of thread has been decreased. No longer 300 yards, the new spools hold 205 yards. That's a difference of 95 yards, or  285 feet. That's a LOT of thread. 

Of course, the prices haven't changed. The spools are giving less thread for the same amount of money.  I suppose this is the manufacturers way of what is essentially the equivalent of puffing potato chip bags full of air. 


Anonymous said...

The spools have changed. The product has changed.They now use cheaper polyester to cover the core. Not as good for many reasons!!! Where it is made is diierent too! It is made in Mexico Honduras china and Egypt instead of North Georgia USA

judy said...

The thread change is still a source of irritation to/for me. The change in the production site is even a bigger issue than the size of the spool.

As for Hancock...I have become less and less enchanted with most everything about Hancock. I guess they are suffering from our changing times, too.